Numerology Blueprint & 1:1 Call

A great mid-way point to numerology work with me! You’ll receive a 1-page typed report outlining your major influences as well as challenges/obstacles to be aware of. We discuss the whole thing in a 30-minute call together so you can walk away feeling seen and empowered!

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: $ 69.00

Season Reading & In-Depth Discussion

Craving a deeper understanding of this life you came to live? In this session we dissect your 4 adult seasons and dive into lessons you may have already learned and discuss the energy of any upcoming seasons. This is deeper work where I’m fully present with you to break down your past and pull out the lessons to help you go forward. Sessions are approximately 1 hour but please block off extra time as it’s normal to run over.

*Prerequisites: (1) Blueprint w/1:1 OR Mini Blueprint (available to be purchased from my website at and (2) must be in/beyond your numerological “adult years.”

Duration: 1 hour

Price: $ 199.00